VIBES - The story and my plan for 2022

VIBES - The story and my plan for 2022

Hey everyone! I'm David, the founder of Vibes.
The last few years have been extremely challenging for not only me but for all of us.
Today I want to tell you about the past few years, how I came up with Vibes, my plans for 2022, and also how I want to make you a part of this. But let's start at the beginning...

In December 2020 I moved to a city about 2 hours away from my hometown.
There I wanted to build a professional Music studio with a friend of mine to pursue my career as a full-time musician.
To pay my rent I took on a job at a call center where I reviewed people for about 6 hours a day which was completely out of my comfort zone and I didn't enjoy it even though I was happy that I could work from home.
Working from home meant that after I finished my shift I could quickly grab my bag and drive about 30 minutes to the location where me and my friend were building a studio.
I usually arrived around 3 PM since I worked from 8 AM till 2 PM.
When we were in the studio we usually worked the entire day and sometimes even into the night.
We were so passionate about it and it felt so cool to build a studio together and I mean who do you know who built a studio on their own? No one.

This went on for about 8 months since I stopped working for the call center in July 2021.
In that period, I thought I was working in the right direction to become a full-time DJ and Music Producer when in reality I was not making music for weeks on end and all I did was work to pay my rent and build a studio.
In that time I earned nothing with my music and didn't even have time to produce results that would eventually pay me.

When I didn't work in the studio I usually worked on music at home or was gaming because the weeks were exhausting to me.
On the weekends I often missed parties that my friends were throwing in my hometown because I was in a different city and I couldn't just drive home every weekend because it was 350km total and that got expensive quickly.

At times I was just sitting in my room on a Friday night knowing that my friends were living their best life and I was in a different city 'chasing my dreams' but all I was really doing was recovering from a job that I had to do to pay the rent for an apartment that allowed me to stay in a city that I moved to just to build a studio that I didn't even produce music in...

Originally we wanted to finish the studio in January 2021.
In November 2021 while doing some financial stuff I found a note that I wrote in December 2020 when I moved.
On that note I was manifesting how amazing it would be when the studio would finally be finished.
I remember that I was reading this note in November and the studio was still nowhere near finished.
It's funny to think about it since it sounds like it was a scene from a movie but I looked at the note then looked to my left where I had my financial status open and I realized even if I wanted to continue I can't pay the next rent. Neither for my flat nor the studio.

So should I pick up a new job that I hate stay in this city where I have none of my friends around and continue not making music for another year?

That night in November was a long one.

After long calls with my friends and family members, I had to make a decision.
Would I continue trying to 'make it' and hope for an outcome that would somehow turn out positive for me in years with a chance of about 0 to 0,001% or should I just move back to my hometown take on a job in a company where I actually enjoy the work and try to 'make it' along with that job but with all of my friends in one place limitless opportunities for a good time and the ability to do whatever I want to do without having to care about money?

On February 1st, 2022 I got the keys to my new apartment in my hometown.
I got hired for a full-time job and I have everyone I know in a 5 km radius.
I can still do all of the things that I want to do and that I deeply care about such as meeting friends, making music, making videos, recording podcasts, and designing stuff.

From now on I will do all of this for Vibes.

Vibes should be the brand that encourages you to take the steps in life that feel good to you. 
I want to show you that you can work hard on your dreams and pursue a career and still be able to enjoy life to the fullest.
I think "Work hard, play hard" might describe this best.
You can work hard over the week and can do the most insane stuff on the weekends or even after work on weekdays.

With Vibes I want to create content that I do besides working a full-time job to show you that it in fact is possible to "do both".
Do both in the sense of living a focused work life and an enjoyable real life without feeling bad for it.

And now it is about the content.
Upfront, I don't have to make money with Vibes, which in comparison to the position I was in a year ago is an insane freedom.
I will pay for all of the videos and things I do out of my own pocket and I don't want to do any of this with the thought of having to make money in my mind.
I just want to put out a message with this for all the young and motivated people that are stressing themselves out over work.

If you can not afford to buy something from the store you don't have to and you can still enjoy all of my music, videos, social media posts and podcasts for free online. I am as happy about a comment on a new video as I am about a new order from the store.

For the first time since school, I am feeling free with my ideas again and I want Vibes to be about exactly that, feeling free from boundaries and free of pressure.
Simply enjoying life outside of work and just going with the 'vibe'.

And I want to involve you in this as well.
In my Vlogs, I want to do things that you want me to do.
We will have a community bucket list and I will collect ideas below every new video that is coming on my YouTube channel.
I also want to give you the ability to send in your designs for vibes clothing.
If your design is being chosen to be featured in a collection I will send you the entire drop for free to wherever you live.

Since I am still handling everything myself I can not tell you when everything starts and how often I will be able to post but I want to go for 1 podcast, vlog, song, and collection per month from March on.

I greatly appreciate everyone helping with this and supporting the brand and I also have some friends that will help make this one of the biggest community-focused brands in the world.

Talk to you soon!


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